LECTURES AND ESSAYS (Vols. I – XII) by Col. Robert G. Ingersoll eBook £1.50 (see eBookshelf)

Ingersol5LECTURES AND ESSAYS (Vols. I-XII) by Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll.

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The complete collection of the Lectures and Essays (Vols. I-XII) of Robert “Bob” Green Ingersoll (August 11, 1833 – July 21, 1899), nicknamed “The Great Agnostic” — one of outstanding orators, humanists, agnostics and freethinkers of his time — whose radical views on white supremacy, religion, superstition, slavery, woman’s suffrage, Shakespeare, Voltaire and other issues of the day continues to exert a powerful influence across the generations and continents. Cover illustration: Tom Paine.

With His Name Omitted, the History of Liberty Cannot be Written.

TO speak the praises of the brave and thoughtful dead, is to me a labor of gratitude and love.Through all the centuries gone, the mind of man has been beleaguered by the mailed hosts of superstition. Slowly and painfully has advanced the army of deliverance. Hated by those they wished to rescue, despised by those they were dying to save, these grand soldiers, these immortal deliverers, have fought without thanks, labored without applause, suffered without pity, and they have died execrated and abhorred. For the good of mankind they accepted isolation, poverty, and calumny. They gave up all, sacrificed all, lost all but truth and self-respect.

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