ROGUE AGENTS. The Cercle and the 6I in the Private Cold War 1951 – 1991 David Teacher( eBook £1.50) NEW FULLY REVISED EDITION (December 2015)

The early Catholic influence on movements for European integration can be seen in the flag of today’s European Union; the design of a circle of stars on a field of blue was derived from the halo of twelve stars crowning the Virgin Mary in Catholic (Paneuropean Union –PEU) iconography. Arsène Heitz, the designer of the flag adopted in 1955, said that “the flag of Europe is the flag of Our Lady”. The symbol surrounded by stars is the seal of Charlemagne (as used by the Académie Européenne des Sciences Politiques (AESP).

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ROGUE AGENTS. The Cercle and the 6I in the Private Cold War 1951 – 1991 (ISBN 978-1-873976-01-2), David Teacher.  First published in 1993. This fully revised eBook (Kindle)  (4th and final edition) published December 2015 by ChristieBooks. The full text of the fourth and final edition (6.7MB) can be downloaded (free) HERE
“David Teacher has been researching notorious disformationist Brian Crozier and his various allies since 1988, producing the first edition of Rogue Agents in 2008. Since then, the book has been expanded twice: once in 2011 to include later research and scans of the numerous internal documents used in its preparation (40 MB download), and in 2015 to integrate newly declassified sources (State Department cables, records of Kissinger’s phone-calls, private papers of Cercle participants) and recent academic publications. This final edition of a now-classic work of investigation documents the role played by the Cercle Pinay and Crozier’s private intelligence service, the 6I, in supporting Franco, White South Africa, Rhodesia, Thatcher, Reagan and Strauss, and denigrating progressive politicians and forces such as Wilson, Brandt, Carter, Mitterrand and the pro-disarmament movement of the 1980s. The new eBook edition is now available for download on the ChristieBooks eBookshelf for £1.50

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