THE LAW OF NUMBERS by Ricardo Mella (Translated by Paul Sharkey). LA LEY DEL NÚMERO (en Castellano). eBook £1.50 (see eBookshelf)

NumbersCoverTHE LAW OF NUMBERS y LA LEY DEL NÚMERO by Ricardo Mella.

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Ricardo Mella Cea (1861–1925) was a prominent Spanish anarchist writer and activist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries who remains one of the most profound,  penetrating, lucid and theoretically sophisticated of anarchist thinkers.

“Spencer has it that the great political superstition of the divine right of kings has been replaced by the great political superstition of the divine right of parliaments. He goes on to say, “The anointing oil seems to have switched undetected from one head to many, consecrating them and their rights.”

Let us take a look at the great superstition which drew such eloquent words from the premier positive philosopher.

Whether we are talking about monarchies or republics, the origin of parliament is the will of the majority, in theory at any rate. At the same time, the supremacy of the greater number rests upon its incontrovertible right to govern everyone, directly or indirectly. The claim is — and the querying of it is scarcely tolerated — that the majority is more far-sighted on every issue than the minority and that, since all men have much in common, it is only reasonable and necessary that the majority should determine how and in what manner general purposes are to be served.

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