ONE MAN’S WAR IN SPAIN. Thievery, Treachery and Trickery by Joaquín Pérez Navarro. The last of the ‘Friends of Durruti’ (Translated and Edited by Paul Sharkey). £12.95 (inc. p+p UK) eBook £1.50 (see eBookshelf)

OneMansWarFrontCoveraOne Man’s War in Spain. Trickery, Treachery and Thievery by Joaquín Pérez Navarro (Translated and Edited by Paul Sharkey) ISBN 978-1-873976-62-3, pp. 256,  229mm x 153mm, £12.95 inc p+p UK. (Europe €17,50; USA $17.00).

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The collected memoirs and documents in this book, penned or preserved by the author with such belief and ideological conviction over so very many years of effort, can be described as a masterwork. Without euphemism or any other sort of circumlocution, they bluntly set out facts that will come as a revelation to anyone who knows only the accounts sympathetic to those who had a hand in the loss of the Revolution and War in 1936–39 – works indeed often written by counter-revolutionaries themselves to conceal the malicious intent that they so cravenly pursued. The revolutionary structures of the anarcho-syndicalist and anarchist movement were undermined to their very roots by all its foes without and within, by Bolsheviks in particular and by the cohorts of the state in general.

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