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problemparentsmallTHE PROBLEM PARENT, A.S. Neill (1883-1973)

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“When Mr. Neill was correcting the proofs of The Problem Child, he realized suddenly that he had written the wrong book. ‘There isn’t a problem child,’ he said, ‘there is only a problem parent.’ That was some years ago, and then he had no time to tell the problem parent what he thought of him . . . and her. Now the book of the parent has been written. Mr. Neill has been called the only genius in modern education. The Problem Parent is a wise book, full of new ideas of value because they are the results of long experience in child and adult psychology. It is a book that will shock the die-hards into thinking and the go-aheads into action.”

Lucid insights into what causes ‘problem children’ – problem parents! — by that troublesome Scottish anarchist dominie and Summerhill School founder, Alexander Sutherland Neill.

“THERE is never a problem child; there is only a problem parent. That may not be the whole truth, but it is nearly the whole truth. The child usually becomes a problem because its parents do not understand the nature of the child. In other cases the child becomes a problem because the parents do not understand the nature of themselves.
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