BA JIN. On Anarchism and Terrorism by Ba Jin (Li Feigan) eBook £1.50 (see eBookshelf)

BaJinCoverBA JIN. On Anarchism and Terrorism by Ba Jin (Li Feigan), with contributions by Angelo Pino, Jean Jacques Gandini and Giuseppe Galzerano. Translated from the French by Paul Sharkey. ISBN 978-1-873976-18-0. First published in French by A Contretemps, Paris. 

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Contents:  Ba Jin: A Life; Ba Jin in 1921 – An Anarchist Militant is Born; Anarchism and Terrorism ­– An Answer to Comrade Taiyi’s; The IWW and Chinese Workers; Underground China; Patriotism and the Chinese Path to Happiness; Farewell to Anarchism; The Anarchist Writer Pa Kin (Pa Chin); Notes on Chinese Anarchism in the First Half of the 20th Century; Ba Jin, Goldman, Berkman and Ba Jin’s Greatest Work of Ideology; Ba Jin– From Rebellion to Endurance.

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