LA NUEVE 24 August, 1944. The Spaniards Who Liberated Paris by Evelyn Mesquida, eBook (£1.50)

LaNueveCovereBookLA NUEVE — 24 August 1944. The Spanish Republicans who liberated Paris  by Evelyn Mesquida. Preface by Jorge Semprún, four articles by Albert Camus and postscript by General Michel Roquejeoffre

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They are the heroes from a hidden page of history, the soldiers of La Nueve, No 9 company of General Leclerc’s renowned 2nd Armoured Division (DB).  According to the history books, the liberation of Paris began on 25 August 1944 when General Leclerc’s 2e Division Blindée (2e DB)entered the city via the Porte d’Orléans.  In fact, Leclerc began the push earlier, on 24 August, when he ordered Captain Raymond Dronne, commander of No 9 Company, to enter Paris without delay. Dronne thrust towards the city centre via the Porte d’Italie at the head of two sections from No 9 Company, better known as La Nueve.

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