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Love on the Dole Love on the Dole is based on the socialist novel by Walter Greenwood about working class poverty in 1930s Northern England.
Greenwood’s novel (1933) was written during the early 1930s as a response to the crisis of unemployment, which was being felt locally, nationally, and internationally.
The film is set in Hanky Park, an industrial slum in Salford, where Greenwood was born and brought up. The novel begins around the time of the 1926 General Strike, but its main action takes place in 1931. It is a highly political film, containing a violent clash between unemployed demonstrators and the police.

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Enciclopedia Anarquista

Enciclopedia Anarquista Enciclopedia Anarquista
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Anna Mendelssohn – the Guardian

Read Anna’s obituary from the Guardian newspaper
Anna Mendelssohn – The Guardian

What is Anarchism? – FILM

What is Anarchism? What is Anarchism? – Prof. David White and Ben Dean-Kawamura (Indy TV #25)
When members of Rochester Indymedia attended demonstrations against the Democratic and Republican national conventions in Denver, Colorado and St. Paul, Minneapolis late last summer, one of the striking conclusions we returned with was how the term “Anarchist” was being used by the media and law enforcement to demonize those organizing to challenge the political oligarchy represented at both conventions. In trying to sort out how law enforcement agencies and government at the local, state and national levels could justify the lockdown on these cities and the expenditure of obscene amounts of money for security, it became clear that there has been, throughout American history, an ongoing and confusing narrative about Anarchism. In this episode, Indy TV begins an ongoing series on the question of the definitions and practices of Anarchism. The guests are Professor David White of St. John Fisher College and Ben Dean-Kawamura. Professor White terms himself a “career Anarchist” and was involved with the long-lived project “Anarchist Action of Rochester”. Ben Dean-Kawamura is a long time local activist and a member of the Rochester Indymedia collective.
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John Samson (see FILMS)

DocSpot: John Samson Retrospective (Part I) (PG*) + Q&A
20:30 / 16 December 2009 Cinema 3

Dressing for Pleasure

Three documentaries by the extraordinary British filmmaker explore fetishism, alternative culture and the importance of sport¹s collective experience to the British nation

In association with the London International Documentary Festival
With introduction by Robin Samson

Born in Ayrshire, John Samson (1946 – 2004) was an extraordinary British filmmaker. His working class roots and passionate interest in radical politics and bohemia fuelled what would turn out to be a life-long fascination with individuals and groups operating at the margins of society. An extremely compassionate filmmaker who never sought to exploit his unusual subjects, Samson would immerse himself in their strange worlds; his keen eye teasing out motivations while never lacking a dry yet gentle good humour which helped him, above all, to make sense of each and every extraordinary existence he encountered