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Antonio Garcia Baron (interviewed by Liber Forti)
Ser Libre despues de haber vivido 5 anos en Mauthausen (Antonio Garcia Baron with Liber Forti)
Men of Marble (2006 – Federica Triglia, Riccardo Rovescalli e Marco Luca)

Documentario realizzato da un’idea di Federica Triglia, Riccardo Rovescalli e Marco Luca Cattaneo (progetto grafico della copertina di Gianluca Costa), con il patrocinio e contributo dell’Endas. Cinquantatré minuti di vita vissuta, raccontati da chi è cresciuto respirando la polvere bianca, lottando contro i «padroni»; di filmati in bianco e nero, tratti dall’archivio storico dell’Istituto Luce; di immagini del cavatore del terzo millennio, alle prese con il filo diamantato al posto del vecchio filo elicoidale. I volti delle persone riprese parlano anche a volume spento. Nelle loro rughe profonde, scavate dal sole e dalla fatica, sono incisi, come sulla traccia di un vecchio 33 giri, gli urli lanciati per farsi capire nel frastuono del lavoro frenetico, le invettive contro il «capo schiavista», gli slogan delle lotte anarchiche, e le grida di dolore per l’ennesimo compagno rimasto intrappolato tra due blocchi, travolto dai «badoni», dilaniato da una mina o fulminato dalla corrente.
Uno dei primi personaggi intervistati mette sùbito in chiaro le sue idee: «Noi cavatori siamo tutti anarchici, ce l’abbiamo nel sangue l’anarchia». Un altro parla dei capi che pretendevano l’impossibile e, facendo finta di leggere il giornale al quale avevano fatto due buchi, contavano le sigarette che ognuno si rollava, «perché le sigarette andavano preparate a casa per non perdere tempo».

Prendiamoci la vita 1 1968
Prendiamoci la vita 2 1968-1969

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His Girl Friday

His Girl Friday (1940)

In which Rosalind Russell plays Hildy, about to foresake journalism for marriage to cloddish Bruce Baldwin (Ralph Bellamy). Cary Grant plays Walter Burns, Hildy’s editor and ex-husband, who feigns happiness about her impending marriage as a ploy to win her back. The ace up Walter’s sleeve is a late-breaking news story concerning the impending execution of anarchist Earl Williams (John Qualen), a blatant example of political chicanery that Hildy can’t pass up. The story gets hotter when Williams escapes and is hidden from the cops by Hildy and Walter-right in the prison pressroom.

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Fiesta (1995 – Pierre Boutron)

From José Luis de Villalonga’s autobiographical novel, published the same year the film was released, writer-director Pierre Boutron’s Fiesta centers on two characters: 17-year-old Rafael de Los Cobos, whose father has him whisked out of his French military school when the Spanish Civil War breaks out; Colonel Masagual, his superior officer who trains this ‘idealistic little aristocrat’ for duty at the front by adding him to Franco’s execution squad. There are a few potent images – the angled overhead shot of blood red-capped soldiers mopping up the blood after two consecutive rows of executions, ironically suggesting that no amount of such effort can ever fully do the job. What principally commends the film, however, are the pungent dialogues and the brilliant lead performances by Grégoire Colin and Jean-Louis Trintignant. Masagual is one of the most fascinating roles of Trintignant’s career – homosexual, but where this orientation isn’t the most pressing matter. Alcoholic and drug-addicted, Masagual is sufficiently embittered to mentor Rafael sadistically, bullying him into becoming a cold-blooded killer (and, incidentally, rapist). Perhaps the lowest blow he strikes in this regard comes when he tells the boy that he himself has never killed anyone. Indeed, the sparring between these two is continually irrigated by rivulets of sharp irony

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Rome, Open City – Roma, città aperta (1945 – Roberto Rossellini) see FILMS

Roma, città aperta — Rome, Open City (1945)

Rome, Open City is a 1945  Italian   war  drama film based on the true story of Don Morosi, a priest and a Resistance worker shot by the Germans in wartime Rome. The film, directed by Roberto Rossellini, features Aldo Fabrizi , Anna Magnani and Marcello Pagliero , and is set in Rome during the Nazi occupation in 1944. Rome, Open City interweaves the fates of a number of Romans enduring the last gasp of the German Occupation. At the centre of the film is Don Pietro, a priest who risks his own safety by aiding members of the Resistance. The other characters here include a revolutionary who is on the run from the fascist secret police, a pregnant young woman and a junkie whose addiction endangers the lives of those around her

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Coal not Dole!

Coal Not Dole! The Miners’ Videotapes (1984)

A series of six short films made by a group of ACTT technicians and Film and Video Workshops, with the endorsement of the Kent Area NUM/South Wales Area NUM/Derbyshire Area NUM/Northumberland Area NUM/Yorkshire Area NUM in support of the 1984 Miners’ strike. Includes interviews with Paul Foot, Dennis Skinner, Arthur Scargill, David Douglass and many more. The DVD (and other related DVDs) is available from Platform Films, Unit 14, Pennybank Chambers, 33-35 St John’s Square, London EC1M 4DS or

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