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Anarchism is The Only Hope
Talk by George Sossenko, NYC Anarchist Bookfair, May 2008
Lessons from the Spanish Civil War. George Sossenko, an 88-year old veteran of the Spanish Civil War, left home, in France, at the age of 16,to fight with the anarchists of the Durruti column against Franco’s fascists. A dedicated, life-long anarchist, George remains an active organizer as he travels and lectures on this important period in revolutionary history. Filmed at the New York City Anarchist Bookfair in 2008 by David Buccola
J’ai vu tuer Ben Barka – I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed (2005 – Serge Le Péron)
On 29 October 1965, three months prior to the first global anti-colonial Tri-Continental conference in Havana, Moroccan activist Ben Barka was picked up in Paris by French police agents on his way to a lunch meeting at the Brasserie Lipp, spirited away and never seen again. Who was responsible? This is not a biopic about Ben Barka and his revolutionary circle. Instead, le Peron and his co-screenwriters, Frederique Moreau and Said Smihi, have made a political thriller drawing stylistically on the conspiracy and crime movies that Francesco Rosi, Costa-Gavras, and Jean-Pierre Melville were beginning to make in the Sixties
The Automaton Citizen and Human Rights
Lecture given by Erich Fromm at the American Orthopsychiattic Association’s 43rd Annual Meeting in San Francisco, April 13,1966
Brian Keenan: Irish Republicans and the Spanish Civil War
(2006, Milltown Cemetery, Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Republican leader Brian Keenan speaks at the unveiling of a plaque to the volunteers who fought on the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War
Anarchism in the Chinese Revolution – a talk by Andrew Flood
(Dublin, August 2008)
A talk on the Chinese revolution with a particular focus on anarchism. Also looks at the Long March and the peasant insurrections as well as the role of Mao and the Russian communist party.  Recorded at a Dublin WSM meeting, August 2008
Anarchism and Elections – a talk by Cindy Milstein
(NYC Anarchist Bookfair, 2008)
In the United States, presidential elections represent rare instances when many people “participate.” But why the anarchist fascination with something that’s far from anything we’d recognize as politics? And why, if and when we choose to engage, do anarchists frequently use strategies that mirror statist and/or liberal forms, or are simply unimaginative? Perhaps, in zeroing in on presidential elections, we aren’t anarchic enough either. Or conversely, perhaps this electoral moment does indeed offer us a way to spotlight the best of anarchism as a replacement for statecraft. Cindy is a co-organizer of the Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference, a board member of the institute for Anarchist Studies, and a collective member of both Free Society and Black Sheep Books in Monpelier, Vermont. Flmed by David Buccola on April 13 at the Anarchist Bookfair in New York City
Brigadas internacionales – La historia de la Brigada Abraham Lincoln (2006 – Alfonso Domingo y Anthony L. Geist)
Almas sin fronteras, un documental de Alfonso Domingo y Anthony L. Geist que rescata de la memoria a los brigadistas norteamericanos que lucharon en España durante la Guerra Civil con el bando republicano. La historia de la Brigada Abraham Lincoln Este documental ha localizado a 12 de los 2.800 voluntarios norteamericanos que lucharon en España contra las tropas de Franco. Embarcaron en Nueva York en diciembre de 1936 y el Gobierno de la República, cumpliendo acuerdos internacionales, los despidió en marzo de 1938 en Barcelona. En la Guerra Civil española murieron más de mil. El resto del contingente fueron muriendo a lo largo de los últimos setenta años. Junto a los ancianos brigadistas participan en el documental dos de los historiadores norteamericanos que más han estudiado el fenómeno de las brigadas: el profesor Peter Carroll, de la Universidad de San Francisco, y el profesor Anthony L. Geist, de la Universidad de Washington.


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How Others See US!

How Others See US! New AK Press Title Denounced by Glenn Beck on Murdoch’s FOX TV!
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AK Press proudly report that their new book We Are An Image From the Future: The Greek Revolt of December 2008 has raised the eyebrows of right wing talk show host Glenn Beck, who denounced it (3 May) on his FOX TV show. On his show, Beck held up We Are An Image From the Future side-by-side with the book The Coming Insurrection, a title he has inadvertently helped propel to national bestseller status by attacking it on the air as “quite possibly the most evil thing I’ve ever read.”
“You don’t want to think that they even exist, but they do,” Beck says of the authors of both books, whom he calls “Communist revolutionaries” who are “not anarchists, but they will use anarchy.” (He seems to have entirely missed the fact that the contributors to We Are An Image From the Future—as well as other participants in the Greek revolts described in the book—are actually anarchists.)
Thanks to Beck’s anti-endorsement, AK expect quite a buzz around We Are An Image From the Future in the days to come. It is available to ship immediately from AK Press Distribution and other major wholesalers.

We Are an Image From the Future: The Greek Revolt of December 2008
A.G. Schwarz, Void Network,  Tasos Sagris (eds) PB
ISBN 9781849350198
AK Press, $17.00

What causes a city, then a whole country, to explode? How did one neighborhood’s outrage over the tragic death of one teenager transform itself into a generalized insurrection against State and capital, paralyzing an entire nation for a month?  We Are an Image From the Future delves into the December insurrection and its aftermath through interviews with those who witnessed and participated in it, alongside the communiqués and texts that circulated through the networks of revolt. What emerges is not just the intensity of the riots, but the stories of organizing and solidarity, the questions of strategy and tactics: a desperately needed examination of the fabric of the Greek movements that made December possible.

Memory Banks – debut single from Lazy Habits

Memory Banks

The debut single from Lazy Habits’ forthcoming LP. The single is released 31st May 2010
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Two from Cuba

Cuba Libertaria No 14 – Supplement [click the image]

Cuba Libertaria No 15 [click the image]