Los Anarquistas introduced by Eduardo de Guzman Espinosa

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Title: Los Anarquistas
Year: 1984
Runtime: 1h. 5min.
Director: José Luis Guarner
Writer: Diego Muñoz, F. Javier Pedroche and José Peirats (Historical adviser)
Plot: 1984 TVE documentary (from the series “Spain, immediate history”, Chapter 18) introduced by eminent anarchist historian and journalist Eduardo de Guzmán (Author of La muerte de la esperanza, Madrid 1973, Nosotros los asesinos, Madrid 1976) on the history of Spanish anarchism from the Civil War. The film focuses on the movement’s dismemberment in exile between the followers of former government minister Federica Montseny and her Machiavellian husband Germinal Esgleas, and those who continued the active struggle against Francoism inside Spain and in exile. Interviewees: Eduardo de Guzmán Espinosa (CNT journalist); Federica Montseny; Gregorio Gallego (secretary general CNT, 1944); Juan Gómez Casas (general secretary CNT, 1976); Juanel (Libertarian Movement (exile), José Peirats, Ramón Álvarez (Libertarian Movement), Eliseo Bayo (Libertarian Youth, FIJL, and journalist), Antonio Bruguera, Eduardo Pons Prades (Libertarian Youth), Cipriano Damiano (Secretary General CNT, 1952), Álvarez Junco (historian); Carlos Ramos (Regional Committee Center, 1976). Video includes the taking of Barcelona, images of anarchists during the Civil War, speech by Juan García Oliver (CNT) during a rally, of CNT workers working, images of internment camps, the fall of Berlin, burial of Durruti, the Plaza de Oriente on the day that Spain joined the UN on December 8, 1955, Palomares, 1966, riots in Madrid in 1968, the elections of 1977.

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