Después de… No se os puede dejar solos and Después de… Atado y bien atado (1981 – Cecilia Bartolomé & José Juan Bartolomé) see FILMS

Después de… Fascinating PCE (Spanish Communist Party)-sponsored vox-pop documentary — in 2 parts: No se os puede dejar solos and Atado y bien atado, a reference to Franco’s  alleged ‘tying up of loose ends’. The documentary focuses on the final days of Franco and the legacy of Francoism. How, through the process of ‘la transición’ and the ‘pact of silence’, Franco, his cronies and his appointed successor, King Juan Carlos I, sought to perpetuate the power, wealth, and the political and social institutions and attitudes created by the military coup d’état against the Spanish Republic, the ensuing Nazi-and Catholic Church-backed war against his own people, and the bloody and brutal post-war repression over which he presided as ‘Caudillo’ — absolute ruler.


Angry Franquista misses ‘The Rapture’ — again! Ya os juzgará el Altísimo en el día del juicio final …

1969-2009 (Atado y bien atado)