Sam Dolgoff — Interview and Talk (1978-1979 — Pacific Street Films) – See FILMS

The incomparable Sam Dolgoff: housepainter, anarchist/wobblie, public speaker and author; perhaps the last in the long line of self-educated workers. Writer of such works as the  THE ANARCHIST COLLECTIVES, Dolgoff was also a real story teller and jokester. A close friend of Italian anarchist, Carlo Tresca, Dolgoff is a critically important link to the immigrant anarchist movement. Died in 1990. This short interview segment is from 16mm negative, probably shot around 1978/1979 for Pacific Street Film‘s FREE VOICE OF LABOR (Freie Arbeiter Stimme) The lecture was at the old Libertarian Book Club; a “clubhouse,” so to speak for any number of Jewish, Italian and Spanish anarchists. Great place! How this 16mm negative wound up on two 3/4″ tapes is a mystery. Note, Steve Fischler doing sound. See FILMS

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