Provo — The Video and Provo – It’s A Happening (two films on the Provo Movement) See FILMS

Provo was a Dutch libertarian movement in the mid-1960s that focused on provoking violent responses from authorities using non-violent bait. It was preceded by the nozem movement and followed by the hippie movement. Provo was actually founded, on May 25, 1965, by Robert Jasper Grootveld, Roel van Duyn and Rob Stolk, both the were committed anarchists. Provo was officially disbanded on May 13, 1967.

Provo staged political and cultural interventions into the symbolic and everyday spaces of Holland from 1962-1967. This compilation of Provo footage, newly translated and subtitled by Janna Schoenberger and Dennis de Lange, includes scenes from the early happenings, Dutch political life, and interviews by key members of Provo – including an interview held with Robert Jasper Grootveld on his houseboat in Amsterdam.

See FILMS: Provo – It’s a Happening! and Provo — The Video