A Place Called Chiapas (1998 — Nettie Wilde) See FILMS

A Place Called Chiapas is a Canadian documentary of first-hand accounts of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) the (Zapatista Army of National Liberation and the lives of its soldiers and the people for whom they fight. Director Nettie Wild takes the viewer to rebel territory in the south west Mexican state of Chiapas, where the EZLN live and evade the Mexican Army.

A Place Called Chiapas  is a must movie for everyone who wants to learn more about the difficult situation in Chiapas, Mexico. The bravery and creativity of the indigenous people in this area of Mexico is breathtaking. They have managed to tell the world their story, and survive the presence of the well-armed Mexican troops and paramilitary forces.

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