Fabrizio De André – Five Songs see FILMS

Fabrizio De André (18 February 1940 – 11 January 1999) was an Italian anarchist singer-songwriter whose ballads  told  of marginalized and rebellious people, prostitutes and knaves. Songs on the FILM tab include Amore che viene, amore che vai (Love coming, love going); La ballata dell’eroe (The Hero); Geordie; Il testamento (The Testament); A cumba (The Dove). Born in Genoa on 18 February 1940. When WWII broke out the De Andrés were forced to seek refuge in a country farm near Revignano d’Asti, in Piedmont. Fabrizio’s father —  a known anti-fascist and member of the Maquis — was wanted by the OVRA (the fascist secret police).  The De Andrés returned to Genoa after the Liberation where Fabrizio became an anarchist at an early age. FILMS