The Rider Named Death — Vsadnik po imeni Smert- 2004 (FILM)

The Rider Named Death – 2004 (Vsadnik po imeni Smert) is director Karen Shakhnazarov’s adaptation of Boris Savinkov‘s 1909 novel The Pale Horse, Memoirs of a Terrorist. An intense thriller, it follows the true story of radical Russian socialists during the turn of the 18th century. At this point in history, Russia has a large dissident movement in which radical idealists, specifically anarchists and the Socialist-Revolutionary Movement, have been attempting to assassinate prominent Russian officials. These men and women are determined, once and for all, to overthrow the reactionary feudal  Tsarist regime once and for all. The film details the exhaustive attempts of a combat organisation cell within the Socialist-Revolutionary Party to assassinate Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich. With limited resources and a dwindling number of operatives, cell leader George relentlessly continues with his mission. The events depicted in the film were a prelude to the revolutions of 1905.