The Suitcase: A Relentless Vision – The Legacy of Emma Goldman, Federico Arcos and the Spanish Revolution Trailer (2010 – Pacific Street Films ) See Films above

PACIFIC STREET first met Federico Arcos during the production of the 1980 film, ANARCHISM IN AMERICA. It soon became clear that his vision of an Anarchist future was, if anything, relentless. Despite decades of privation and isolation he held fast to the notion of universal freedom, unbridled by the twin constraints of government and religion. It was in Canada that Emma Goldman was to live out the rest of her life. Indeed, her dusty old suitcase, representing her years of travel and activism, eventually found its way to Federico, who had also found a new home in Canada. The basement of his nondescript suburban house had now become an enormous archive of Spanish anarchist materials collected from sources around the world. For many years, through the terrible trauma of the Spanish dictatorship, Federico was one of several refugees who helped keep alive the bright light of the Spanish anarchist experience. Certainly, his relentless passion to save the anarchist legacy in Spain – despite Franco’s heated attempts to destroy any trace of the movement – has preserved a period of history that would have long been forgotten.

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