The Da Vinci Con – or L’ Abbé Saunière’s Treasure by Stuart Christie (PDF)

Since the birth of speculative freemasonry in the early 17th century, large numbers of intelligent and otherwise well-informed, sane and sensible people have believed that much of what was happening around them only occurred because it was set in motion by secret societies, the motors of history. Many still believe that virtually everything unpleasant that happens can be attributed to them, and that there is an occult force operating behind the seemingly real facade of public and political life. What has been written so far about the so-called ‘Priory of Sion’ and the ‘Da Vinci Code’ is a monumental example of a view of the world shaped by hocus-pocus and irrationality, and even though it is sometimes amusing, it is always disturbing when intelligent people seriously talk nonsense, taking fiction for reality. As many of these authors have found out to their advantage, it never pays to underestimate people’s credulity. The Da Vinci Code and its successor titles have been translated into more than 40 million languages and sold countless millions of copies worldwide… now read on.

The Da Vinci Con (PDF) Originally published in The Hastings Trawler, April 2006