Francisco MORENO GÓMEZ, Lagunas en la memoria y en la historia del maquis (PDF)

DOSSIER: GENERACIONES Y MEMORIA DE LA REPRESIÓN FRANQUISTA: UN BALANCE DE LOS MOVIMIENTOS POR LA MEMORIA 2. ¿Política de exterminio? El debate acerca de la ideología, estrategias. HISPANIA NOVA, Revista de Historia Contemporánea (No 6 – 2006)

The study of the historical phenomenon of the guerrilla against Franco, as well as different aspects of the Spanish civil war, has been affected until today by a misunderstood instruction of oblivion, tacit or expressed, with a consequence of academic marginality. However, the Spanish maquis was the equivalent of the antifascist European movements of resistance, with the only difference that in Europe the maquis won and in Spain they were defeated. The political aim was the same: to restore the democratic system. However, in Spain, as it was a history of the defeated,the interpretation and the rare studies of this phenomenon have been deformed and falsified, mainly because the specific archives still belong to the repressors’ heirs.