The Glasgow Eskimos and Ding Dong Dollar (1961-1963) – See FILMS

See FILMS for contemporary newsreel footage of the 1963 anti-Polaris demonstration from Glasgow to Dunoon by paddle steamer and from there to Ardnadam pier. Note the Special Branch man striding across the beach in his blue mac while another photographs the Glasgow Anarchist Federation banner (and the anarchists around it!).

Ding Dong Dollar (1962) In 196l when American gun-boats and nuclear submarines came sailing up the Clyde people from all over Britain descended on the Holy Loch to confront them, singing songs such as the following. The musicians on this record (and the protestors) adopted the name ‘The Glasgow Eskimos’, an ironic reference to a dismissive remark by Captain Lanning, the commander of the US Proteus when his vessels were boarded by protestors using canoes and kayaks. The singers on this recording include Morris Blythman (in whose cellar in Springburn the recording was made), Josh MacRae, Nigel Denver, Jackie O’Connor, Jim McLean — and a few  others who happened to be around that night…
Ding Dong Dollar; I Shall Not be Moved; We Dinnae Want Polaris; Chase The Yankees Oot The Clyde; The Polis of Argyll; Ye’ll no sit here; Anti-Polaris; Misguided Missile and the Misguided Miss; Coronation Coronach; NAB for Royalty; They say we’ve never Had it sae Guid; Camp in the Country; The Glesca Eskimos; The Freedom Come All Ye; Ban Polaris—Hallelujah