Sacco & Vanzetti – English dialogue (1971 – Giuliano Montaldo) – click Films link above

Sacco and Vanzetti — English dialogue (1971 — Giuliano Montaldo).On May 5, 1920, two Italian immigrants, Nicola Sacco, a shoemaker, and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, a fish peddler, were arrested by the police of Brockton, Mass., and subsequently charged with responsibility for a South Braintree payroll robbery, three weeks before, that had resulted in two deaths. Seven years later, Sacco and Vanzetti, their convictions upheld, were executed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts not, according to their defenders, because they had been proved guilty, but because they were admitted anarchists and because they had been transformed into awesome symbols. To middle class, Anglo-Saxon America, they were the Red Menace that Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer had been ranting against. To Communists, socialists and liberals, as well as to a good many New England church ladies, jurists, newspapermen and students of the democratic processes, their convictions represented what could go wrong with a system that, depending on the point of view, was everything from criminally oppressive to sorrowfully imperfect.