Freedom, Come All Ye – The Exiles: Enoch Kent, Bobby Campbell, Gordon McCulloch

FREEDOM, COME ALL YE. The Exiles. A London-based trio of Scottish singers who played an important part, individually and collectively, in the Folk revival and radical protest movement of the early- to mid-1960s. The Exiles, who recorded for the Topic label, consisted of vocalist Enoch Kent, Bobby Campbell and Gordon McCulloch. (In memory of comrade Bobby Campbell 1942-1997)

01 The Ballad of Accounting – Enoch Kent with mandola & guitar

02 The Moving on song – Enoch Kent with harmonica & guitar

03 We’re only over here for exploration – Paul Lenihan with banjo & guitar

04 Thank Christ for Christmas– Enoch Kent with mandola & guitar

05 The Pigeon – Enoch Kent with banjo & guitar

06 The Pound-a-week rise – Gordon McCulloch with mandola

07 Freedom come all ye – Gordon McCulloch with fiddle

08 For A’ That and A’ That – Enoch Kent, Gordon McCulloch, Bobby Campbell with mandoline and guitar

09 Arthur MacBride – Gordon McCulloch with fiddle

10 Willie Brennan – Enoch Kent with fiddle & chromatic harmonica

11 Wae’s me for Prince Charlie – Gordon McCulloch with fiddle, whistle and guitar

12 La Pique – Bobby Campbell with Enoch Kent and Gordon McCulloch

13 Van Diemen’s Land – Enoch Kent

14 Two Recruiting Sergeants – Enoch Kent, Gordon McCulloch with fiddle and guitar