Satan’s Little Helpers

Satan’s Little Helpers (or ‘The Men In the Lobby’) An Essay by William Clark
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Those individuals who go by the name ‘Lobbyists’ or ‘Pollsters’ or ‘Political consultants’ or ‘Communications consultants’ have gone to some lengths in an effort to influence how we think about certain things.  On behalf of their clients, they have disguised themselves as some unlikely organisations as part this ultimately deceptive process.  One variant of this, analysed here, is the survey as a form of lobbying politicians.  The term ‘lobbying’, is used here to mean undue influence behind the scenes, buying privileged access and the manipulation of the democratic elements of the political process.  The concerns expressed here are that the public know very little about this development and confusion reigns in how MPs (the particular focus is on MSPs) fail to report these contacts convincingly and adequately.  To gain an understanding of what is going on here we must also take into account how embedded into the political process the ‘pollsters’ are, how connected to press coverage and the public image of the politic system they have become