On 22 April 2010 Sebastian Lord Coe led the tributes to Olympic chief Juan Antonio Samaranch, the former International Olympic Committee president who died in Barcelona aged 89: “I have lost a friend, one that moulded my path through sport from my early 20s, and the world has lost an inspirational man. A man that challenged us all to fight for sport, its primacy and its autonomy, a fight he led fearlessly from the front, creating an extraordinary sporting movement that reaches millions of people around the world. He was quite simply the most intuitive leader I have ever met.”

In the photo Samaranch is standing next to his friend and colleague Rodolfo Martín Villa, the notorious fascist Minister of the Interior (1976 -1979), known as the ‘Truncheon of the Transition’ and deeply implicated in false-flag terrorist actions targeting the anarchist and libertarian movement (including the Caso Scala) and the attempted assassination of Antonio Cubillo, the leader of the independent Canary Islands movement. During Martín Villa’s time as interior minister the Atocha Massacre took place (January 1977) in which 5 legal workers were murdered by neo-fascist paramilitaries working in collaboration with Martín Villa’s security services