Rome, Open City – Roma, città aperta (1945 – Roberto Rossellini) see FILMS

Roma, città aperta — Rome, Open City (1945)

Rome, Open City is a 1945  Italian   war  drama film based on the true story of Don Morosi, a priest and a Resistance worker shot by the Germans in wartime Rome. The film, directed by Roberto Rossellini, features Aldo Fabrizi , Anna Magnani and Marcello Pagliero , and is set in Rome during the Nazi occupation in 1944. Rome, Open City interweaves the fates of a number of Romans enduring the last gasp of the German Occupation. At the centre of the film is Don Pietro, a priest who risks his own safety by aiding members of the Resistance. The other characters here include a revolutionary who is on the run from the fascist secret police, a pregnant young woman and a junkie whose addiction endangers the lives of those around her

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