John Samson (see FILMS)

DocSpot: John Samson Retrospective (Part I) (PG*) + Q&A
20:30 / 16 December 2009 Cinema 3

Dressing for Pleasure

Three documentaries by the extraordinary British filmmaker explore fetishism, alternative culture and the importance of sport¹s collective experience to the British nation

In association with the London International Documentary Festival
With introduction by Robin Samson

Born in Ayrshire, John Samson (1946 – 2004) was an extraordinary British filmmaker. His working class roots and passionate interest in radical politics and bohemia fuelled what would turn out to be a life-long fascination with individuals and groups operating at the margins of society. An extremely compassionate filmmaker who never sought to exploit his unusual subjects, Samson would immerse himself in their strange worlds; his keen eye teasing out motivations while never lacking a dry yet gentle good humour which helped him, above all, to make sense of each and every extraordinary existence he encountered