THE YANKEE and COWBOY WAR. Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate by Carl Oglesby (July 4, 2006)

Carl Oglesby (1935-2011)

Carl Oglesby‘s 2006 take on his 1976 classic ‘The Yankee and Cowboy War‘. It was his contribution to ‘The JFK Assassination Debate in the Education Forum.

“The assassination of John Kennedy and the downfall of Richard-Nixon have both been viewed as isolated moral disasters for American democracy: Kennedy’s murder as a demonstration of our continuing national inability or unwillingness to cope with violence; Nixon’s downfall as a demonstration of the failure of our democratic institutions to overcome the abuses of secret intelligence and electronic surveillance at the seat of national power.

But these two events represent neither isolated disasters nor a generalized failure of American institutions but something almost beyond the ability of ordinary people even to see, much less control. The two events – Dallas and Watergate – are actually concrete links in a chain of related and ominous events passing through the entire decade in which they occurred and beyond. And this chain of events itself represents only the violent eruptions of a deeper struggle of rival power elites identified here as Yankees and Cowboys.
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