The Anarchist’s Wife (La mujer del anarquista) 2008 by Maria Noelle and Peter Sehr

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Title: The Anarchist's Wife (La mujer del anarquista)
Year: 2008
Runtime: 1 hr 52 min
Director: Maria Noelle and Peter Sehr
Writer: Marie Noëlle
Actors: Juan Diego Botto, Maria Valverde, Ivana Baquero
Plot: The story, primarily, of Manuela, the wife who is left behind when anarchist lawyer husband, Justo, joins the fight against Franco's army during the uprising and subsequent siege of Madrid (1936-1939), then disappears into a Nazi concentration camp and, subsequently, joins the French Resistance. Years pass without news, but Manuela, his dedicated wife, never gives up hope of seeing him again. The film — which isn’t about anarchism or the militant and not-so-nice anarchist husband — spans her years of ordeal and self-empowerment, 1936-1949, the latter year being when the border re-opened and the couple are reunited in France where Justo is now active in the anarchist anti-Franco resistance. Powerful, beautifully photographed and well acted there are some interesting historical touches such as the reference to Antonio Ortíz and Laureano Cerrada Santos’s aerial attempt in 1948 to assassinate Franco in Galicia

IMDB Rating: 6.3
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