La parola, il fatto: “gli anarchici”

string(57) "La parola, il fatto: "gli anarchici" (The Word, the Fact)"

Title: La parola, il fatto: "gli anarchici" (The Word, the Fact)
Year: 1975
Runtime: 1h 13m
Director: Giuliana Berlinguer
Writer: Pier Carlo Masini (Historical adviser)
Plot: This little-seen Italian documentary, one of ‘The Fact’ series that looked at the history and ideas of ‘Anarchism’, originally broadcast on RAI Uno on 1 October 1975, was discovered in the archives of Italian state broadcaster RAI (Radiotelevisione italiana). The programme’s historical consultant was Italian anarchist Pier Carlo Masini (1923-1998). Originally a liberal-socialist, Masini became involved with the Communist Party following his release from confinement in 1943, but by 1945, under the influence of anarchists Alfonso Failla and Umberto Marzocchi, he was involved with a variety of anarchist journals and newspapers. By 1948 he was editor of the FAI weekly ‘Umanita Nova, but 10 years later — and despite his continued interest in and sympathy for anarchism and anarchist history — he had re-committed to social democracy. There is also an interview with the then Umanita Nova editor, Aldo Rossi

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