Mari Carmen España – The End of Silence Martin Jönsson and Pontus Hjorthén

Since 2005 Mari Carmen España has been fighting to exhume the mass grave at Puebla de Cazalla in Andalusia where her grandfather’s remains lie buried under a dump. Her tireless battle with the authorities is recorded in this ‘road movie’ documentary which has been screened in Germany, Sweden and Norway. It tells how two Swedish journalists, travelling through Spain, seek to understand how Spaniards of today relate to their country’s bloody history. They find it difficult to understand how the instigator of these mass murders is honoured, daily, with a Mass in the Valley of the Fallen, while across the length and breadth of the country the remains of the countless victims of the terror he unleashed still lie in their original death pits, unrecognised, unacknowledged — their murderers having escaped justice

Mari Carmen España – The End of Silence by tystnadensslut