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Some myths are long-lived, perhaps because they are fed by relentless partisan propaganda. One such myth credits Negrín and the communists alone with a will to resist throughout the civil war. A whole swathe of literature has made it its business to portray them as the very symbols of uncompromising opposition, of active, indefatigable resistance “with bread or without it”, “with guns or without them”, and so on, to General Franco and his side. Even today, so many years on, this nonsense is still being peddled; the reality is starkly different. To be honest, the policy of resistance was merely a mask behind which other designs were lurking; whilst harping on about it, the communists, ably abetted by Negrín, were picking off all the political organisations and personalities standing in the way of their quest for hegemony. Thus the POUM was liquidated, the CNT sidelined, the leftist faction creamed off from the Socialist Party, Largo Caballero brought down, first, followed by Indalecio Prieto. Meanwhile, even as the POUM was being publicly and thunderously denounced as having been in cahoots with the Nazis, the Communist Party of Spain’s sponsor, the Soviet Union, was entering into a dalliance with Hitler; and even as Prieto was being labelled a defeatist for searching for some sort of an arrangement whereby the war might be ended, Negrín had opened up channels to the enemy, as he himself later admitted. This riveting account of the last days of Republican Madrid under Juan Negrín  by Spanish Marxist journalist Ignacio Iglesias — a founder member of the revolutionary anti-Stalinist Party of Marxist Unification (POUM) and La Batalla journalist — first appeared in the Paris-based Spanish-language journal Interrogations No 1, December 1974.

Ignacio Iglesias

Contents: The myth of resistance; Negrín in the Centre-South Zone; The Double Conspiracy; The Communists; The Libertarians; The Military; The National Defence Council; Civil War Within the Civil War; The Fall of Madrid; Endnotes.

The cover photographs, top, show President Juan Negrín, centre, surrounded by his senior Communist military commanders: Lt Col. Enrique Líster (on Negrin’s left) and, on his right, Colonel Juan Modesto; behind Modesto is Colonel Antonio Cordón. Bottom right, March 6, 1939, Madrid: Cipriano Mera, anarchist commander of the IV Army Corp announcing the ousting of the CP/Stalinist-controlled Negrín government and the formation of the National Defence Council; (on Mera’s right, standing) Colonel Segismudo Casado, Councillor for Defence.