The Justice of Antonio Ramón Ramón, Vindicator!

Antonio Ramón Ramón

The story of Antonio Ramón Ramón, a Spanish anarchist of Andalusian origin (Granada) who emigrated to Chile, with his family, as a young child.  In December 1907 his step-brother, Mauricio Vaca, was among the 3,600 striking immigrant nitrate miners massacred in their camp in the Domingo Santa María schoolyard by troops commanded by General Roberto Silva Renard, on the orders of Chile’s interior minister Rafael Sotomayor Gaete.

Ramón Ramón, the step brother, waited 7 years for an opportunity to bring General Silva Renard to justice for his barbarities, which he did on December 14, 1914, in the centre of Santiago de Chile, stabbing him seven times in the head and the back. Renard survived the attack, but was blinded and remained a bed-ridden invalid until his death in 1920. Antonio Ramón Ramón was arrested and subsequently tried to commit suicide by poisoning himself with strychnine. He is believed to have died in 1924, but his ultimate fate remains unknown.

Contemporary press coverage of General Silva Renard facing his nemesis

La venganza de Ramón Ramón 02 from Info Molvízar on Vimeo.