Persons Unknown (1980 – Gordon Carr)

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In the early part of 1978, following a series of Special Branch-led raids, Iris Mills, Ronan Bennett, Vince Stevenson, Trevor Dawton, Dafydd Ladd and Stewart Carr were charged with conspiring, with ‘Persons Unknown’, to cause explosions. When the trial opened at the Old Bailey in September 1979 Dafydd Ladd jumped bail and did not surrender for three years, when he received a nine-year sentence on separate charges. Stewart Carr pleaded guilty to everything the police put to him and received a 9-year sentenced. All the others were acquitted. After the not- guilty verdict the judge, Alan King-Hamilton QC, read out Stewart Carr’s ‘confession’ (when they could no longer be challenged in open court!) and berated the jury for, in his view, delivering the wrong verdict.