The FBI’s War on Black America by Deb Ellis and Denis Meuller (see FILMS)

The FBI’s War on Black America is a documentary exploration of the lives and deaths of people targeted by the FBI’s COINTELPRO programme targeting organised efforts by African-Americans to secure their civil liberties and basic human rights. The FBI’s War on Black America offers a thought-provoking look at a government-sanctioned conspiracy, the FBI’s secret counter-intelligence programme known as COINTELPRO, a concerted effort to subvert the will of the people to prevent the rise “of a black Messiah” that would mobilise the US’s African-American community into a meaningful political force. This documentary establishes an historical perspective on the measures initiated by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, which aimed to discredit and connive at the assassination of black political figures and forces of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Combining declassified documents, interviews, rare footage and exhaustive research, the film investigates the US government’s role in the assassinations of Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and Martin Luther King Jr. and asks were their murders the result of this concerted effort to avoid “a black Messiah”?

Reviews: Combining declassified documents, interviews, rare footage and exhaustive research, it investigates the government’s role in the assignations of Malcom X, Fred Hampton and Martin Luther King Jr. The film reflects the rigorous research which went into its making, and portrays the nation’s unrest during the period it recounts. Sally Barber, All Movie Guide

“History tells us that whoever is in the White House, the secret arms of government are always at work, carrying on their deadly practices of surveillance and worse. The film, ‘FBI’s War on Black America’ by Denis Mueller and Deb Ellis is therefore important as a warning and as a call for all of us to be watchful in defending our freedoms…” Howard Zinn

“In this illuminating and compelling expose, Mueller and Ellis chronicle the long, sorry and enduring history of black disenfranchisement during a period of social upheaval, racial conflict and revolt in America. Foregrounding COINTELPRO, the FBI’s covert program of disinformation, counterinsurgency, and deliberate and systematic violence against and oppression of civil rights and black nationalist organizations and leadership, The FBI’s War on Black America anticipates the George W. Bush government’s “dirty tricks” and renewed assault on civil liberties and working people home and abroad.” Michael T. Martin, Ph.D, Director Black Film Center/Archive, University of Indiana