NADA (1973 – Claude Chabrol) see FILMS

A 1970s ‘anarchist’ group calling itself “Nada” abducts US ambassador Richard Poindexter in a brothel in Paris and holds him hostage in a farm in the countryside. The French Interior Minister gives Goemond, the police chief assigned to the case, a blank cheque to eliminate the anarchists. In order to protect the interests of the State in an increasingly messy and embarrassing situation, Goemond is quickly made the scapegoat. Meanwhile the group members quarrel among themselves as to the ambassador’s fate, while the police purge suspects in an attempt to crush the Nada faction. With violence escalating on both sides, the State and the terrorists are obliged to use one another’s methods in an increasingly desperate and relentless conflict. To watch the full feature-length film go to the FILMS tab