A Parting Hymn: lies, deceit and the death of the Labour Party by Jack Foster, Alan Hunter and Claire Morrow (Rough Justice Films)

A Parting Hymn is in some respects a tribute to the political party that once seemed to be a voice for the poor and the working classes, the embodiment of fairness and solidarity. On the other, it recognises the very real death of the Labour Party, while unashamedly making the case for socialism (however lonely a voice that might be in a post-Thatcher/Blair era). Labour’s core supporters along with the party’s deepest-held principles have long since been sold down the river  and this film explains just how the electorate have been deceived, used and ignored in the interests of power, and the holding of office at almost ANY cost. From the makers of ‘Precious Few Heroes‘. Written by Jack Foster; Executive Producers, Alan Hunter & Claire Morrow; With thanks to Chris Silver and brought to our attention via Bella Caledonia