Mourir à Madrid (1963 — Frédéric Rossif) see FILMS

Mourir à Madrid (To Die in Madrid) is a 1963 French-language Academy-nominated documentary film directed by Frédéric Rossif and regarded as many as his masterpiece. Using painstakingly selected newsreel clips and still photos, Rossif conveys the horror, disillusion and bravery of the Spanish Civil War.  A number of clips of To Die in Madrid were later incorporated into Fred Zinneman’s 1964 dramatic film Behold a Pale Horse (see FILMS) roughly based on the life of Quico Sabaté (see FILMS) utilizing newsreel footage from a variety of archives, the documentary reviews the Spanish Civil War from its beginnings in 1931 until Franco’s rise to power in 1939. (see FILMS)