On Modern Servitude – (2009 by Jean-François Brient et Victor León Fuentes) see FILMS

‘The declared aim of the film On Modern Servitude is to reveal man’s condition as a modern slave within the context of the totalitarian mercantile system, and to illustrate the forms of mystification masking his servile condition. Its purpose is to attack, head on, the dominant world organisation and to offer an accurate critique of the society we must combat. This film is, above all, a militant tool whose purpose is to inspire the greatest number of people to question themselves and to spread this criticism to where it has had no access …’

Jean-François Brient et Victor León Fuentes

See also (FILMS): Five Steps To Tyranny (2001 – Elizabeth McIntyre and Sheena McDonald); Judgement at Nuremberg ; On Modern Servitude

TEXTS (PDF) The Politics of Obedience – the Politics of Voluntary Servitude by Étienne de la Boétie ; God and the State by Mikhael Bakunin