CNT – Celebrating 100 years of anarcho-syndicalism (1910-2010)

In celebration of the centenary year of the foundation of the Spanish anarcho-syndicalist labour union – the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) — we are posting footage of the July 1977 meeting on Montjuic, Barcelona, the first major public demonstration of the CNT since the collapse of the 2nd Spanish Republic in 1939. Speakers in the short film include historian and activist José Peirats, Juan Gómez Casas, Enrique Marcos, Antoni Morales, Fernando Piernavieja and Federica Montseny. It is estimated that over 300,000 people representing different syndicates of  the anarcho-syndicalist union and diverse sectors of the anarchist movement and affinity groups attended the event, which was organised by Catalan Regional Committee of the CNT. Many other historic feature films and documentaries made by the CNT Entertainments Syndicate are available on the CB video players.

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