Spanish Republicans in the Liberation of Paris (English text) by Eduardo Pons Prades Translated by Paul Sharkey (see FILM)

Historia 16, No 111, July 1985
La Nueve‘ (see FILMS – new documentary – in French), consisting almost entirely of Spanish anarchists and Spanish republican soldiers, captained  by Raymond Dronne, was the first company of General Leclerc’s 2nd Armoured Division to liberate Paris and take the Nazi surrender. This article, in English, written by anarchist journalist Eduardo Pons Prade,  originally appeared in Historia 16 in July 1985. 24 August 1944: at 21.22 hours several half-tracks and a Sherman tank (the ‘Romilly’), the vanguard of the Allied armies, drove into the square outside the Hotel de Ville in Paris flying the tricolour flag of the Second Spanish Republic. Painted on  the vehicles were unforgettable names from the Revolution and Civil War in Spain: ‘Madrid’, ‘Jarama’, Ebro’, ‘Teruel’, ‘Guernica’, Belchite, ‘Guadalajara’, ‘Brunete’. They belonged to No 1, 2 and 3 sections of the famous IX Company (‘La Nueve’) of the Chad Regiment, whose 36 men, 32 of them Spaniards, were commanded by Martin Bernal (Zaragoza), Federico Moreno (Madrid), Montoya (Andalucia), Elias (Catalan), Campos (Canaries), and Dominguez (Valencia) — the men who liberated Paris – and a good part of Southwestern France …Spanish Republicans in the Liberation of Paris (PDF in English)

Documentary La Nueve – the Spaniards who liberated Paris (see FILMS above)