Francesc Sabaté Llopart aka ‘El Quico’ (March 30, 1915– January 5, 1960, Sant Celoni, Catalonia) (FILM)

January 5, 2010 was the 50th anniversary of the death of Francesc Sabaté Llopart, ‘El Quico’, the legendary urban guerrilla who resisted the Franco regime for 24 years, 14 of them in the mountains, towns and villages of Catalonia. The story of ‘El Quico’ (briefly outlined here in this short biopic – in Spanish)  is one of a man who would not compromise his ideals nor treat with a system he found tyrannous and vile, a man who devoted most of his adult life to challenging the last of the fascist dictators in the most openly oppressed country in Western Europe. By his selfless battle ‘El Quico’ demonstrated that the individual is never helpless: there is always a possibility of rebelling and defending an idea one considers just. Francesc Sabaté Llopart, unquenchably brave, undismayed by failure, unmarked by treachery, gave to his people and to the world the knowledge of the righteousness of his cause.