The Hale and the Hanged Topic -The Exiles, 1967

The Jolly Beggar – Enoch Kent, unaccompanied

The Fair Flower of Northumberland – Gordon McCulloch, acc. fiddle, whistle, guitar

Reels: The Comer House; The Sally Gardens – Jim Lyons, accordion, with fiddle, banjo, guitar

The Laird o’ The Windy Wa’ – Gordon McCulloch, acc. fiddle

Dainty Davie – Enoch Kent, acc. mandola and mouth-organ

Le Reel du Pendu (The Hanged Man’s Reel) – Bobby Campbell fiddle, with guitar and banjo

Queen Eleanor’s Confession – Gordon McCulloch, acc. Fiddle

The Plooman Laddie – Enoch Kent, acc. fiddle, mouth-organ, whistle

The Shoals of Herring – Gordon McCulloch and Bobby Campbell, acc. banjo and guitar

Airs: The Coolin; I Walked Up To Her, Slip-Jig. Rocky Road to Dublin; Reel. The Wee Weaver – Bobby Campbell, fiddle

The Battle of Harlaw – Enoch Kent, accompanied fiddle

I Will Lay Ye Doon, Love – Enoch Kent and Gordon McCulloch acc. fiddle

Plaxty Davies – Tim Lyons, accordion, with banjo and Mandoline

Enoch Kent: voice, guitar, whistle; Gordon McCulloch: voice, guitar, banjo, mouth-organ; Bobby Campbell: voice, fiddle, mandoline, mandola, guitar; Tim Lyons: button accordion
Recorded by Bill Leader

This is the second Exiles album. The group comprised three outstanding singers and instrumentalists from Glasgow, Enoch Kent, Gordon McCulloch and (the late) Bobby Campbell, who left their native land to find work in the South (Enoch Kent has since accepted exile in ever remoter regions, moving on to Canada). On this record, they were joined by another exile, from Ireland this time, in Tim Lyons, an excellent button-accordion player whom the English must count as,yet another of the treasures we have plundered from the land of Granuaile.