The Case of Delgado and Granado (TV news report) and Public Execution sung by Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio (see FILMS)

1) Ejecución Pública sung by Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio (see FILMS above)

Spanish singer songwriter Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio (1940-2003) sings of the agonies of those condemned to be legally murdered. Chicho was a Spanish singer/songwriter of countless well-known songs, many of which were recorded by other artists such as Rolando Alarcón, Joan Baez, Soledad Bravo, Víctor Jara and Quilapayún. Many of his songs such as Gallo rojo, gallo negro, Hoy no me levanto yo, Balada de las Prisiones and A la huelga have passed into popular Spanish culture. Chicho, an anarchist, was the son of Rafael Sánchez Maza,  writer and founder member of  the Falange Española , brother of the author Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio, and brother of the mathematician and philosopher Miguel Sánchez-Mazas Ferlosio.

2) The Case of Delgado and Granado (see FILMS above)

Short TV news report on the campaign to establish the innocence of Joaquin Delgado and Francisco Granado. Includes interviews with Octavio Alberola, the coordinator of the clandestine organisation ‘Defensa Interior‘ dedicated to assasinating the dictator and toppling the regime, and Antonio Martin and Sergio Hernandez, the two anarchists, responsible for the bombs for which Delgado and Granado were executed in August 1963