Severino – Una historia de pasion y muerte (1980 – Llamas de Madariaga) – click Films link above

Severino Di Giovanni was an Italian anarchist who fled Mussolini’s Italy to settle in Argentina where he became involved in anti-fascist activity and the solidarity campaign for Sacco & Vanzetti. From May 1926 until his execution in 1931 he engaged in a campaign of propaganda by deed, funded at the end by bank robberies. The propaganda campaign involved publishing a paper, Culmine, while on the run from the police — and establishing a print shop to publish anarchist classics, including the first volume of the collected works of Elisee Reclus. In his last political leaflet Di Giovannni wrote “Be warned Uriburu (Jose Felix Uriburu, Argentine dictator) and your assassins that our bullets will seek your bodies. Let the bourgeoisie, the industrialists, the bankers and the landlords know that your possessions and lives will be destroyed and burned.” He wrote this following the government massacre of hundreds of peaceful workers during the funeral of other workers  killed by the government a week earlier. Severino Di Giovanni was judicially murdered by firing squad on February 1st, 1931.