Angry women confront Bob Hope at ‘Miss World’ 1970 – click Film link above

20 November 1970: Following that morning’s ‘Angry Brigade’ bombing of the BBC’s outside broadcast lorry at the Royal Albert Hall in West London, North American compere Bob Hope, who was due to crown ‘Miss World’, was performing when a protest started inside the hall. As the flour bag missiles began raining down on him he tried to flee the stage, but was prevented from doing so by Julia Morley, the wife of the organiser, who grabbed him by the ankle. The police, who had been prepared for the demonstration, soon restored order and Hope was persuaded to get back on stage where, for once, not reading from idiot boards, he said:

‘These things can’t go on much longer. They’re going to have to get paid off sooner or later. Someone upstairs will see to that. Anybody who wants to interrupt something as beautiful as this must be on some kind of dope’.

The Mail described the demonstrators as ‘Yelling Harpies’…