Christie Books relaunch

From ‘The Management’

Welcome to the revamped and improved ChristieBooks website, one which we hope you will find considerably more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate. We have resolved the serious problem we had with the previous video player, which means you can now select and watch the video of your choice without irritating and time-consuming pop-ups. Remember, too, that many of the films are rather large so you may find it helpful to first select your film, then pause it while you go off and make a cup of tea, giving it enough time to buffer. You’ll find this will greatly improve both the smoothness of the playback and your viewing pleasure.
With regard to the films, some comrades are working on a database that will allow us to provide thumbnails, more detailed descriptions of the films (linked directly to Santiago Juan Navarro’s ‘Anarchism and Film’ database), and will allow anyone who so wishes to embed individual films in their own website or blogs.
The new site is ‘work in progress’ so we welcome feedback and suggestions on any improvements you think can be made. Our operation is run on goodwill — and a tiny shoestring budget — so we welcome all donations, large or small, that will allow us to continue to maintain and improve the site. At the moment the number of financial sponsors we have can be counted on the fingers of one hand; it would be nice if by the New Year we could count them on two hands! You can also help by checking out the advertising links in the right-hand side of the screen and see what they have to offer. There might be something there of interest, but more importantly — with one or two notable exceptions — they are the only ones helping to pay for these pages